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5 Tips To Make Your Beauty Vegan Friendly

Tips To Make Your Beauty Vegan Friendly

Making a lifestyle change includes everything from what you eat to what you apply. Veganism is not just confined to a diet form but fashion and beauty too. Veganism strictly forbids animal products and products derived from animals. Here are a few tips to choose a switch to vegan cosmetics.

Know what’s in and what’s out

The very first tip that will make your beauty vegan friendly is knowing what are the ingredients of your makeup. There are several vegan makeup brands in the market that don’t promote animal based and derived ingredients. As you buy your makeup products, you have to make sure you do not fall in the other category. And to ensure this, you need to know what ingredients are present in the products you use. Please note there is a broad line between plant based and animal based or derived ingredients. For example most of the people are aware of the fact that milk and honey are non vegan but many do not know what all does the list include. Keeping the list of vegan ingredients handy is one thing that you may consider as you buy vegan products.

Do your research

Walking across the roadmap shown in the first point, research is the key element that can help vegans to distinguish between what can be used and what not. Hence, we advise you to do your research accordingly. You can start with learning more about animal products, where they are derived from, what is their origin etc. Once you know all the information regarding animal products you can easily distinguish between the two. Understand what works in the vegan beauty sphere and find out the best vegan makeup brand for you.

Reading the ingredient list

Now that you have shortlisted the vegan makeup brands, it is time to check out the ingredient list. Many times the brands do not provide what they promise so cross checking the ingredients will keep you updated about your purchase. The ingredients are mostly located at the back of the bottle or tub. Before you apply a serum, cream or any other makeup product, you must be sure it is cruelty free. If there is anything you are confused about, Google search will always show you the way out.

Check out the practices too

After you are done checking the ingredients, the story doesn’t end there. You need to go beyond ingredients to practice. Of course ingredients are integral to veganism but the way in which a product is produced is important too. Animal testing is unetcical and even not approved in the vegan beaty industry. Hence you must make sure that the cruelty free foundation which you just bought is not only made of vegan ingredients but was not even tested on the lovely creatures.

Learn about vegan makeup brands

Last but not the least, is to keep looking for vegan makeup brands. There are a number of vegan beauty brands available online. Terre Dorre is one of the most trustworthy brands in this case. It has products made of vegan ingredients and even the process of making does not involve any harm to the animals.

If you have just begun with a vegan lifestyle and decided to use products that are vegan, you have made the best decision of your life. It is high time that we humans value the lives of animals and bring a vegan friendly spin to our beauty routine.

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