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Common False Stories About Human Hair Extensions – Debunked!

No matter how luxurious, trendy, and bewitching attire you wear, your look does not round off until you have a glamorous hairdo. Yes, you heard it right. Getting a hairstyle that matches perfectly with couture and event complements your personality and lets you grab all the attention.

To a surprise, there are plenty of ways that help you get a spunky fashion statement. Out of all those, human hair bundles are taking the market by storm for their ease of use and no-heating coiffure. The only flip side is a lot of false stories associated with hair extensions that make a fashionista be on the horns of a dilemma.

Thus, for everyone who desires to deck-out glamorously without bothering, here we can help to make it possible by debunking the most common myths. Jump in to know!

  • They Look Unauthentic

This is one of the major qualms as many people rely on the trumped-up story that hair extensions do not look natural. However, you can prove all of them wrong by cherry-picking the hair bundles that go well with the color and style of your hair.

For instance, if your hair is blonde and wavy, deep wave bundles with frontal in the same shade will blend perfectly and make your hairstyle look all-natural. 

  • They Are Expensive

Many style hunters hang back on owning the hair extensions because of their high cost. No doubt, the ones which are made of premium virgin human hair, be it straight or deep curly bundles are comparatively expensive due to their durability and purity. But that does not mean that you cannot afford them. In case you yearn to achieve the stunning style without burning a hole in your pocket, opting for an animal and synthetic fibers bundle can be your rescue option. 

Thus the real fact is that the cost of hair extensions varies upon the quality and type of hair used in making them. You can also take a smart step by shopping your favorite bundles on season sales and discounts.

  • They Damage Your Hair

Another major cock and bull story that you might have heard about hair extensions are that they damage your hair. In reality, the opposite of it is true. Want to know how?

From straight to Brazilian body wave bundles, every style actually acts as a layer of protection to your hair and prevents them from dust and harmful UV rays. Besides, they make you look appealing without letting your hair be exposed to excessive heat of straighteners and curlers. The only condition is that you need to care for them and make them dirt-free by washing in line with specific guidelines.

  • Hair Extensions Are High Maintenance

Hair extensions are expensive in some cases, especially when they are made from virgin human hair, but maintaining them isn’t. Surprisingly, you do not have to visit a salon or have to be professionally sound to care for your hair bundles. All you need to know some basic do’s and don’t and give your few minutes sheer dedication while maintaining them. Some of the general rules are –

  • Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair
  • Do not make them exposed to excessive heat
  • Avoid tangling your hair while you sleep
  • Wash your extensions with a chemical-free shampoo
  • Avoid using harsh products such as after-spray or serum
  • Do not sleep with a wet wig

In The End

Hair extensions are truly the fountain-head of turning your fashionable dreams into reality. Nevertheless, some of the common tall tales may prevent you from owning them confidently. Thus, squint at the aforesaid real facts and turn a blind eye to the myths. Only then you will be able to relish and flaunt your charming style achieved using human hair bundles.

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