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Do not forget these five things before moving into your new abode!

Moving in to a new home can be an overwhelming experience sometimes. With so much unwinding, rearranging and settling things just like you wish, your mind could become a mess and chaotic and make you forget some of the essentials that are required to set up your place into a livable condition. 

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So here we bring the ten most important household essentials you should not forget to purchase and happily enjoy your home abode.


Waking up in the morning and swiping your curtains to let the sunshine in is a different feeling, especially if it’s your own home. So when you are choosing the blinds, the following kinds work well according to your needs. 

Blackout curtains: You will want to use these when you want more privacy and fewer lights.

Dual-layer shades: These are the best options when you want some light and block out the rest. 

Cordless Bamboo Shades: The cordless bamboo shades are a decorative piece of privacy style that you will want in your homes. 

Household Cleaners:

Broom, vacuums, the Wiper mop and bucket sets, toilet cleaners and dishwashers are key essentials for a clean home. You must stock them up and choose the brands that offer the most valuable and compact delivery of these home essentials. 

Home cleaning kit: From wiping off the windows with dusters to cleaning the floor with the mops, these essentials are for keeping your house neat.

Kitchen Cleaner’s Kit: Use the natural and eco-friendly kitchen cleaner kits such as hand soap, dish soap, and multipurpose cleaner. 

Toilet Plunger:

A plunger is a tool that is used to cleanse and clear the blockages in drains and pipes. You might already have one, but their sizes vary, and they might not fit in the toilet of your new home. 

Traditional Plungers: This plunger is the old standard with a wooden handle and rubber plunger cup on the bottom.

Magnetic Plungers: unlike traditional plungers, which might be difficult to fit in the small modern toilets, they come in sleek chrome and white with an attached magnet that covers the plunger to keep the pair together for its sanitary movement around the house.

Laundry drying Rack:

You can get your washing machine to get your laundry done, but you need traditional laundry drying racks for drying your washed clothes. The first thing in your cart might have been a washing machine, but it’s not too difficult to overlook the accessories you need while doing the laundry.

But moving onto a new apartment also means adjusting to a new space and making arrangements for everything else. For example, a very space-efficient and foldable outdoor clothes drying rack by Urban Home Living will dry up your clothes easily and won’t even take a large space in your home.

Ironing board: 

Don’t forget you still need to look your very best in your next day’s presentation, and without your crisp shirt, you might be falling one step short to the best of you. Don’t forget to take an ironing board that comes in various chic varieties and an extra-long surface that makes it easy to get crisp tablecloths, drapes, or other long linens.

Shifting places can be a hectic and tiresome job. Still, it’s necessary to upgrade your new haven with all the requirements to make you stay peaceful, happy, and of course, like an independent chic class with the Urbanic lifestyle decor!

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