Monday, June 24

Guide to Sell Digital Goods Online: Digital Profitable Products That You Can Sell in 2023 Online

Picture it: you’re browsing on your laptop, and you find an artsy print you like, and done! The file is saved on your desktop faster than you can change out of your pajamas.

We know that we cannot see, touch, or hold these digital products, but everyone uses them, be it music, ebooks, or online courses, and others.

Because of their popularity and ease of distribution, many entrepreneurs build businesses around these impalpable goods or launch digital product lines. 

Digital products are appealing as they are created once but they are sold repeatedly without restocking the inventory.

The modern digital world has dozens of digital products that people buy online and use for various purposes. What are some digital goods you can sell online? If you are thinking of selling digital goods online, we’ve shortlisted a few popular ones, based on their popularity.

  • Educational Products Like Ebooks Or Courses.

If you have ample knowledge on a particular topic, digital products are a great way to pack that information and sell it to others willing to learn.

YouTube is filled with abundant free blog posts or tutorials, and if you have the same knowledge, you can compete by delivering content that promises education and transformation. 

You can either promote and sell your products via your existing website or build one from scratch and give away free samples. Apart from that, if you’ve a blog, you can turn it into an online store.  

  • Licenses To Use Your Digital Assets.

There’s a global ecosystem of stock photos, video footage, music, and sound effects. These are the licensable digital assets uploaded by creatives for other creatives to use in their work.  

By offering licenses to individuals and businesses, you can charge for the use of your photos, videos, music, software, and more in your store and through online marketplaces, such as stock photo sites. In exchange for exposure, some of these marketplaces can take up to 50% commissions for every sale.  

When coming up with assets to create, it helps to work backward from your intended audience’s needs. Start by thinking about what kind of assets they’d want to use to create products that are actually in demand (and thus easier to sell).

Also, protect your digital products with watermarks and other security measures, especially if you’re selling photos.

  • Music Or Art As Digital Products.

If you’re a musician or an artist, chances are you’ve explored ways to monetize your talents or the audience you’re building. While t-shirts or prints are always an option, there are also plenty of possibilities for digital downloads.

If you are a musician, you can sell out music , or if you are a cartoonist, you can turn your art into purchaseable products like phone wallpapers. And to do all this, you don’t need to have any kind of inventory; moreover, you can experiment with various available formats. 

  • Sell Your Services Through Digital Products.

Services mix well with digital products because services are essentially the opposite—with services, your “inventory” is limited to the number of working hours you can accommodate.

Moreover, customers receive digital products as a part of their “purchase with numerous services. A designer will deliver logos, and a personal trainer will deliver a workout plan.  For instance, you can also offer a consultation for some fee, with this a personalized report or Excel spreadsheet, and then you can upsell your customers for other products or services. 


Without the need to hold inventory or the overhead associated with selling physical products, businesses based on digital products can be launched and tested with little risk.

You can create digital products and incorporate them into your business countless ways. With a little ingenuity and upfront investment of time, you can serve the irresistible value that can more than pay for itself over time.