Sunday, May 19

Prime Reasons Of Using Promotional Canvas Bags

We all know the fact that life with plastic can never be fantastic, though we still keep on using it. It’s high time we understand the impotence of canvas bags and leave the plastic bags behind. After the plastic shopping bags got banned, many of us have switched to reusable and recyclable custom canvas tote bags. And the reason behind this is the happy realization of how better, bigger and bolder are the canvas bags. These bags are definitely bigger in terms of size, bolder in terms of the impression they create in front of the target audience, and better because they cause no pollution in the environment.

Custom canvas bags are the new fashion accessory that is useful as well as trendy. There is no doubt in the fact that with time these bags are going to become the new rage. And the reason behind this is the powerful statement they create of being eco-friendly as well as useful. Unlike plastic bags, canvas bags do not revolve around money but culture, belonging, ethics and mindfulness too. And now when each and everyone, even the greatest of designers are on a mission to create their own custom canvas tote bags for their brand, you definitely know that you are on the right track. In case you are still not convinced with the idea of using canvas bags over plastic ones, here are all the completing reasons that will make you believe why these bags are so desirable.

  • Canvas tote bags have great strength to weight ratio. They are strong enough to hold each and everything. Unlike paper bags or plastic bags, they do not tear apart. From groceries to footwear or any other heavy material, canvas bags are capable of holding o any weight. These bags are not only strong but lightweight too. As these bags are made of plain weave, the fabric created is strong and rigid. Whether you keep canned food or clothes, your custom canvas tote bags will handle everything with care.
  • Canvas bags are durable and last for years. As these bags are made of cotton, you can never donut on their durability. Whether you use these bags for keeping food or any heavy material, canvas bags will last for years and decades to come, without even tearing apart.
  • Custom canvas tote bags are washable. They need no special care. Whether you toss them in the washing machine or any other way, the fabric will not damage. Food leaks, color stans can easily be removed in a single wash. And washing them will also help you get rid of the bacteria. This will keep the bag and items in it, both fresh.
  • Canvas bags are ideal for printing. They are highly receptive to the transfer of ink and accept the color quite easily. The color or ink that is once set, does not bleed even after several washes. Whether you print your logo or color the whole bag as per your brand, you do not have to worry about fading or flaking of the ink.

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