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Recording A Powerful Automated Webinar

Automated webinars are pre-recorded online seminars that people can watch whenever, wherever. Compared to live webinars, they don’t run in real-time, meaning there are fewer chances of making mistakes.

As you can record a webinar easily, you can expect more leads and sales even when you’re away on vacation!

Given the many benefits, you can get started and make your webinar video just as well. All you just need to do is follow these helpful tips on how to record an automated webinar like a pro.


Create an Automated Webinar from Scratch

While you can always record your live webinar and repurpose it as an automated presentation, it’s best to get started from scratch.

While live events have their unique features, you can’t control their flow. There may be disruptions, such as when you answer questions asked by the attendees.

If you want to create the perfect webinar, make sure to create one that suits your intended purpose. That way, you ensure a smooth flow of your presentation.


Don’t Make Any Time Reference

If you want to record an automated evergreen webinar — meaning one that can stand the test of time — you should avoid mentioning time-bound references in your recording. By doing so, you can schedule the presentation in your webinar platform whenever you want.

That said, instead of greeting the audience ‘good morning’ or ‘good evening,’ just go with a simple, ‘Welcome to this event.’

However, if you plan on presenting the webinar every morning, then the ‘Good Morning’ salutation is applicable. Just be mindful of the differences of timezones if you’re broadcasting to people coming from different parts of the globe.

While the goal is not to trick people into thinking that they’re attending a live event, it will be good to let the webinar feel as custom-made as possible to your customers.


Remember to Have a Q&A Portion

Many people attend webinars because they need answers to their burning questions. This is why you should have a Q&A portion even if you’re running an automated webinar for your business.

More often than not, this can provide the needed information about your product, translating to more sales.

How do you accomplish this with an automated webinar?

For one, start your recorded automated webinars by saying that you will be answering questions at the end of the presentation. And, if ever you’re not able to answer all of them, let them know that you will be in touch with them after the webinar, either through chat or email.

Assuring them is best, so they don’t get worried if you cannot address their concerns right away.

While it will be great to be on standby for questions whenever your automated webinar airs, you can still address the audience as long as you use a great tool. Some software can forward the questions directly to your email, so you get to answer them wherever you may be.

Another option is to work on the easy questions that the audience has asked in your previous video. You can also take questions from a Facebook post or another company’s social media pages.

It will also help to work on should-ask questions (SAQs). With this, you can explain the features of your product to the people.

These are perfect for marketing purposes, as SAQs can help the attendees make a purchase decision.


Don’t Forget to Include Promotions in Your Automated Webinars

Yes, you can go about marketing your business only by using a recorded video. For example, you can give a promo code or a free shipping code, which the audience can see once they have finished the recording.

While you can take an automated webinar to promote almost everything, it’s best to use it on high-ticket products. That’s because you may need to reduce the price to keep up with the small number of attendees.


Use In-Timed CTA Events for Automated Webinars

To keep the people glued to your video webinar, you have to use software that can help you promote offers at certain times. You can do this by answering a question, providing free downloads or blog access, or embedding buy buttons.

For first-time or new attendees, it’s as simple as using a question that they have to answer. You could ask this: “Have you done webinars to promote your company?” Set yes or no answer buttons below.

To maintain engagement, it’s important to promote interaction along the way. Make sure to post a buy button when you first reveal your price!

When you use a strong call to action, you can expect new attendees to become committed buyers.

You don’t have to be a tech expert to record an automated webinar. With the help of good software and the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy passive income wherever you may be.

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