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Things To Remember While Wearing Sequin Dresses

Sequin dresses are the master of all the dresses. As the name suggests sequin can instantly lighten up your look. Sequins are basically oval shaped plastic discs that are sewed on the dresses in order to make them shiny and lit. Sequin dresses are considered to be party dresses as they are glossy and glittery. So if you are willing to wear a sequin dress at the upcoming party then here are a few things that you must remember.

Sequin Dresses Are A Accessory In Itself

As mentioned above sequin dresses are bright, gleamy and glamorous. Therefore you do not need to add anything extra with these dresses. You need no shred of anything sparky when you are wearing a shiny and glossy sequin dress. The reason behind this is the fact that a sequin dress not just wraps you up but it rather covers you up in the most glamorous way. So you can say that it is a point of accessory in itself. You do not need any shiny necklace or earrings when you have sequin dresses on.


Do Not Overdo Your Look

Many women like layering up their strapless sequin dresses with a shrug or coat. Layering is fine but again layering a sequin dress with another shiny coat is senseless. It will not only ruin your look but will also destroy the look of your sequin dress. Whether you are a movie star or a commoner, layering up a sequin dress with another sequin coat will never make you look good. You can layer your outfit with only one piece sequined.  You can try wearing a denim jacket or a similar shade neutral jacket with a bodycon sequin dress. This may make you look stunning and fashionable.

Keep Your Footwear Basic

Whether you are wearing long sequin dresses or short, it is essential to keep your footwear neutral. The fact that shiny shoes will take away all the limelight is important to understand. For example you can go for some basic color shoes and clutch with a short balck sequin dress rather than wearing glossy footwear. The footwarcan be silver, blue or red defending upon your preferences. But again, make sure it doesn’t take away all the focus. After all, your look is what matters, not the shoes that you are wearing.

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Keep Your Makeup Subtle

While buying sequin prom dresses, women tend to buy a lot of makeup as well in order to look no less than a princess at the prom. One thing that you must know is the fact that sequin dresses are basically for the performers and not for the commoners. Hence if you are a performer or a celebrity who will be facing a lot of people on the stage, you definitely need to be good with your makeup or maybe you need to over do it. But if you are wearing a basic knee length sequin dress and are getting ready for the prom party, you can keep it minimal. Less is always more with sequin dresses.

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