Friday, May 24

Short Review Of Best Smok Vape Mods Devices in 2022

A vape mod is a mechanical device with no electronic and circuitry components to operate. All it has is a fire button that has to be pressed by the user to connect with the firing coil and battery atomizer. The contact instantly heats the vape mod.

The smok vape mod is much larger than the smok vape pen. Therefore, the mod is mostly preferred by the users because it produces more vapour and greater flavour. However, the size of the smok vape mod makes it a little less easy to carry; thus, it is chiefly used at home. 

Here is a short review of smok vape mods devices for your benefit:

Smok Vape Pen 22

The smok vape pen 22 has a 1600mAh battery with a maximum battery wattage of 60W. It has a micro USB port for charging. The 22mm diameter tube of the smok vape pen 22 is made of Zinc-Alloy Chassis. It is very easy to carry in a pocket or a bag. The items available in the vape pen kit are – a vape pen device, two smok vape pen-22 coils, a USB cable and a user manual. 

What is it to like about it?

  • It leaves a decent flavour
  • It is simple and very easy to use. 
  • It is feasible to carry it along. 
  • It is constructed of good quality material. 

What is it to not like about it? 

  • It has a small tank. 
  • Its battery life is not the best. 

Smok Nord Vape 2

It is highly recommended for beginners. The smok nord vape 2 is very easy to use, as all the instructions are mentioned in the guide. The coil used in the vape brings out the flavour quite well. It has additional features like a puff counter and a wattage adjustable switch. The RPM coil used in the smok nord vape 2 lasts longer than any other regular coil. 

What is it to like about it?

  • It brings out the flavour. 
  • It has excellent battery life. 
  • It has adjustable wattage and a puff counter. 
  • Its RPM coil lasts longer than the usual coil. 

What is it to not like about it? 

  • It lacks adjustable airflow control. 

Smok Koopor Knight 80W

It is a powerful little smok vape that offers ultimate portability and discretion. It is a night fit for just about a hand. It has a helmet-shaped atomizer with a lead-proof U-shaped e-juice tube for the intake of smoke. The maximum power output of the smok kapoor knight vape is about 80W. It rightly delivers the right amount of flavour. 

What is it to like about it?

  • The price of the product is very attractive. 
  • It has a very compact size. 
  • It has a small yet readable screen. 
  • The battery life is quite reasonable. 

What is it to not like about it? 

  • Access to the power menu is quite tricky. 
  • The battery covers sometimes move due to the handgrip.

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