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The Best of Unreleased Travis Scott Collection That Hasn’t Released Yet!

Travis Scott Collection

Someone who said, “rappers are the new athletes” needs no introduction. For a past couple of years, Travis Scott has been topping the spot in the rap industry. Apart from Travis Scott’s Jordan shoes collaboration Air Jordan IV’s and AF1’s (‘Uptowns’), he has collaborated with a lot of other sneaker brands that you might have missed!

Marketing the ‘the hype sold out’ strategy!

From gigs, to trends, from tiktoks to reels, the brands marketing strategies have evolved significantly. 

The brand seeks hype for an exuberant sale of their product, be it collaborating with a trendy hip-hop star, that influences a great extent of the audience or partially something that resembles the hype. 

So, people love to follow up the trend that surrounds the sneaker way too much. 

The hyped up collection doesn’t always mean that the company will always be able to get back the costs when the product gets sold out, but this is the logic behind it! The final product is something that generates the hype for products that resemble it even close by. 

The Fenty collection featuring Rihanna sold out immediately, thanks to their marketing strategies. Puma used this strategy and sold the cheaper yet similar looking product in massive quantities. It simply means The public, that doesn’t know the limited collection of this hyped up stock that sells out quickly, automatically looks for something that at least partly resembles it.


Before Jordan, Travis teamed up with Helmut Lang and brought a whooping collection of several clothes and sneakers. The sneakers were Italian handmade with a price of 400$ for the low and going about 600$ for the high 

This was Scott’s deputy and honestly it wasn’t bad in the first place. Since it went with his style in many ways. Later though the Travis Scott shoes went about a great discount. 


The unreleased or long long awaited release has always been a centre of excitement for the public. Those unreleased sneakers are the Air Jordan 4 “Purple” and “Olive” which can often be spotted on his family or his friends. It’s not totally unrealistic to find collaborative sneakers bundles in stores by the next weekend. 


During the Kendrick Lamar tour we spotted Jordan Trunner LX and when we piled up in the store, we were unpleasantly surprised when we realised it never was a public release. Then came the Trunner silhouette that marked the beginning of Scott’s official relationship with Nike and Jordan. It was new, it was original and it was refreshing. 


The AIR JORDAN 6 has been the favourite of Michael Jordan himself. The undefeated pair of Travis’s knowledge and Jordan Brand has hit an uncannily similar legend of AIR JORdan 4, except it comes with a side pocket and undefeated release. It shows the uncanny play design with the sneakers. 

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