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The Best Way To Maintain Apple Watch Sport Loop Band

Do you know that there is a certain way to clean the accessories? Yes, you do need to clean the accessories just like you clean the screens of your phone and laptops. Apple watch sport loop bands have a similar case. There should be appropriate maintenance of the band to retain its quality and colour. Dirty watch bands can lead to skin irritations and a bad appearance. You wouldn’t want your classy watch band to look ugly. Agree? Cleaning your band with inappropriate cleaning solutions can ruin the quality of your expensive sport loop band. 

Apple watch sport bands are valuable, expensive and a piece of charm. People can easily recognize them due to their unique and sharp design. They feature a sleek design with an irreplaceable finish. To maintain its charm for a long, you need to follow a proper cleaning procedure. The band needs to be as charming and as luxurious as the Apple watch. Regardless of their colour, patterns, and materials, there should be a cleaning routine to retain their beauty. If they are clean, they can be versatile and can be attached to any watch. Read on to know the right way to maintain your valuable sport loop Apple watch band. 

First things first, it is extremely smart to wash or clean your apple watch sport loop band once a week or two. You have to be more particular if you own a single band and wear it every day. Here’s how to clean them. 

Step 1: Remove the Band

It is convenient to remove the band from the watch and detach all of its parts to clean it properly. You cannot clean it while wearing the watch. Remove the watch from the wrist and turn it around. Near the edges, you will find two buttons. Press those buttons with pressure; you may use the fingernails or unlock them using a toothpick. The buttons help remove the magnets between the watch and the Apple sport loop band. Applying some pressure on the buttons is required to detach the band. 

Step 2: Cleaning the Band

After detaching the band from the Apple watch, begin with cleaning the band. Remember not to use a cleaning solution that isn’t made for the band. It may damage the quality of your Apple watch sport loop band. According to the experts, you should not use 

  • Harsh Soaps
  • Chemical cleaning solutions
  • Polish
  • External heat sources
  • Household cleaning sprays
  • Ultrasonic cleaners

How to Clean:

The preferable and reliable way to clean a band is using lukewarm water and mild soap. 

Damp the band into lukewarm water and, using your thumb, scrub the mild soap on the stitching. For improved scrubbing, you may also prefer to use a brush. It will make the process more effective and simpler. 

Squeeze the band between your hands to extract the excess water from the band. Allow it to dry overnight.  

Note that you shouldn’t use a blow dryer as it may melt the nylon of your band. 

Using the easy process, you can easily maintain your Apple watch band. It will extend the band’s lifespan, and you would not need to invest more in the Apple band again and again. 

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