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The Meanings Of The 5 Health And Safety Signs

There are five main sorts of health and safety indicators, each with its own meaning. How do you know what type of sign you’re looking at? They use shape and colour to communicate their message. You can rapidly comprehend the specific meaning of the sign – both general safety signs in Australia & fire safety signs, once you know what you’re searching for.

There are health and safety notices all over the place. In public locations. Construction sites, offices, warehouses, hospitals, and a variety of other environments. Every day, we notice health and safety signs. Are you currently at work? Is there anything that says “health and safety” around you? If you can’t find one, consider a no-entry or warning sign; can you recall the shape and colour?

There are five different health and safety signs, each with its own meaning.

The following are the five categories of health and safety signs:

  • Prohibition Signs
  • Fire Equipment Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Mandatory Signs
  • Safe Condition Signs

Every form of health and safety sign, even safety fire signs, has a distinct appearance. They can communicate their message with just a photo or icon by combining form and colour combinations. You can rapidly comprehend the specific meaning of the sign once you know what you’re searching for.


  • Prohibition Signs

The purpose of prohibition safety signs in Australia is to warn you not to do something. They’re a warning sign that you shouldn’t go any further. What colour conjures up images of danger for you? Of course, the colour red! A red circle with a red diagonal line runs through these signs. On a white backdrop, the symbol is black. 

The shape of prohibition signs is easily remembered as a circle, similar to a full stop. The stop is the literal meaning of the symbol.


  • Fire Equipment Signs

Fire equipment/fighting indicators indicate the location of the fire apparatus. What colour comes to mind when we think of fire? Red. However, with the restriction sign, we had already used red. Fire equipment signs, on the other hand, are red but in a different shape.

The shapes of these signs are square or rectangular. The symbol is usually white on a red backdrop with a white border.


  • Warning Signs

The purpose of warning signs is to alert you to potential dangers. They don’t advise you not to do something or to do something, unlike the two prior signs. They merely want to alert you to a threat so you can defend yourself.

The shape of these safety signs in Australia is triangular. The symbol is black on a yellow backdrop, with a black border around the triangle.


  • Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs are placed in order to prompt you to take action. Think of them as the polar opposite of prohibition signs. These signs have a circular shape. On a blue background, the symbol is white. The circle is frequently surrounded by a white border.

You can remember that necessary signs are round for ‘Obey’ instead of a full stop (like prohibition signs) because you have no choice but to obey them. 


  • Safe Condition Signs

The indicators of a safe condition can typically be followed to safety. And what colour is more associated with safety than green? They are, in fact, green!

The shape of these signs is rectangular or square. A white border surrounds the symbol, which is white on a green backdrop.


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