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The Right Way to Read Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Are you leaning towards switching up your lifestyle by using non-toxic cleaning products but unsure if the products you use contain ingredients that are clean? Nothing to be ashamed of at all. You’re one among many who want to make the switch but cannot tell what the ingredients are.

Here are some qualifiers when it comes to telling if the natural cleaning products you intend to use are indeed clean: 

  • If the label says unscented or fragrance-free. 
  • If the label says biodegradable or non-toxic. 
  • If the label says natural or unregulated.

However, these words cannot be the sole indicators of non toxic cleaning products. These can also be a marketing tactic used by companies to qualify to sell their products in the natural cleaning products category. It is important to note that a true clean-cleaning agent also requires these other qualities. 


Here’s a quick guide for you to help read your natural cleaning products: 

  • ECOLOGO Certified

This certification specifies that the chemicals used in the product meet safety standards, and are recyclable, and have a low impact on the environment. It also indicates that the chemicals used in the product are non-toxic for humans. 


  • EPA Safer Choice Certified 

This particular certification ensures that all the ingredients used in the product are the safest in its class categorization and perfect both for humans and the environment. 


  • Green Seal Certified 

The green seal certification shows that the cleaning products are used in the concentrated form. These do, however, come in sustainable packaging. 


  • Leaping Bunny Certified

This particular certification stipulates that the product has no ingredients that were tested on animals and are cruelty-free. It also states that the company does in no way use animal testing for any of its products. 

All clean, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products – whether it is foam hand soap or floor cleaner, can come in a variety of textural types and compositions. 


Here are some of the different cleaning product types available for use in the market today: 

  • Solvent

Solvents allow the easy dissolving of solids such as grease and oils. All of the ingredients within this product are mixed together to form a homogeneous liquid that has the right viscosity for cleaning.


  • Surfactant

This kind of surface-active agent reduces the tension of the water to make the water wetter. It also contains a water-loving two-part molecule and water heating tail, also known as hydrophobic agents that allow the surface active agent to grab onto the grease and dirt and easily get it lifted off the surface.


  • pH adjuster

A PH adjuster is used to adjust the PS level of a solution by either increasing it or decreasing it according to the need. This agent comes in very handy as it could make any of the products safer for the skin.


  • Antimicrobial agent

Antimicrobial agents are those that kill germs and contain disinfected ingredients that can work against microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and even mold.


  • Fragrance

Scented products are synthetic fragrances that even natural products use; however, these synthetic fragrances aren’t required to be listed in the ingredients by manufacturers.

With this guide in mind, you could easily get the right products when it comes to buying your natural cleaning products such as Natural Hand Soap. You may have to take along this guide a couple of times while shopping till it commits to your memory. 



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