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How to Introduce Vitamin C serum into Your Skincare Regime

Fall fever is about to set in, and the seasons will rotate. You’ll see the sun, less and less each day now. And although fall is one of the most intricately beautiful seasons for fashion, the lack of sun can dampen the glow on your skin. When faced with each day of less exposure to the wonderful goodness of Vitamin C through the early morning rays and the golden hour sunsets, you begin to feel as though your skin’s no longer glowing like the morning sun. What can you do in such a circumstance?

Here’s what you do! You supercharge your skin by introducing Vitamin C serum into your skincare routine! Adding the use of a simple yet effective vitamin c sheet mask into your daily skincare regime could reboot your skin’s glow factor multifold.

However, what’s the perfect way to introduce vitamin C in your routine:

Choose the Right Concentration of Vitamin C serum

It is crucial that you pick the right concentration when deciding which sheet mask with Vitamin C or Vitamin C serum you should purchase. Picking the right concentration on the basis of your skin type could help decide the effectiveness of the serum on your skin.

However, if you are a newbie into the world of skincare serums, you will need to begin with a lower concentration of 10%. Eventually, when your skin has built a tolerance level towards the product, you could increase the concentration to 15% or 20%.

Likewise, Vitamin C serums come from a variety of different derivatives, and you may want to check the list of ingredients used to see if you may be allergic to any of those elements. Similarly, it is paramount that the vitamin C serum should be patch tested before regular application.

Pay Attention to the pH Value.

The level of absorption of the vitamin C serum into the skin, whether it is by using a vitamin c sheet mask or not, is dependent heavily on its pH level. Determining the pH value perfect for your skin depends on the type of skin you have and its quality. Anyone with normal skin must look for vitamin C with a low pH value of approximately 3.5 for the ideal state of absorption.

On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, then choose a formulation with a 5 to 6 pH value. This will ensure that the formulation does not irritate your skin.

Start Slow with a Sheet Mask

If you are unsure whether vitamin c is something essential for your skin’s glow factor, you may want to consider not opting for a serum straight away but choosing a sheet mask with vitamin c essence. They help you to get acquainted with the essence and test out if the product works wonderfully on your skin without exposing it to your skin each day. Basically, this saves you the trouble of buying an entire vial of vitamin C serum only to find out that it’s not best suited for your skin type. With this, you are essentially just testing out the product before investing for the long run.

Pay Attention to How You Store It

Vitamin C serums are broadly categorized into two types: Water-based and anhydrous. Water-based ones are slightly unstable and sensitive to light. They do oxidize quickly when stored in a place with plenty of light. They are best stored in drawers or cabinets with less exposure to light. This is also the primary reason that they are packaged in amber glass bottles that are opaque. The second category of the anhydrous lot is most stable in the presence of sunlight. However, it is good practice to store it in airtight containers in a dark and cool place within your space.

Layer it with SPF

Seeing as they oxidize at the exposure to sunlight, the best way to add them into your skincare regimen is to layer them under SPF protection. Ensure that you use an SPF of 30 or above, as they provide ample protection. Doing so ensures that there’s a safety net placed in order to neutralize the free radical damage caused due to exposure to UV lights.

Following these steps could help you determine the perfect way to introduce the use of vitamin C essence, serums, or sheet masks into your daily skincare routine. Do let us know if you try some of these tips.

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