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What do We Mean by a CBD Vape Pen in the UK?

If you are new to vaping CBD you may be new to vaping in general and so all the options and terms can be a bit confusing. In this post, I will attempt to explain the CBD vaping options available to you if you want to vape CBD rather than take it in other formats. I will also share with you my favourite CBD vape pen in the UK and what you should look for depending on what CBD vape liquid you decide to go with. 

If you are already a vaper, you may simply want a vape liquid similar to what you already vape, but with CBD infused into it rather than nicotine or another flavour. This would be a CBD e liquid. A CBD e liquid is the same as any other e liquid being that it is made with the traditional base of PG and VG blended with hemp extract and terpenes for flavouring. Due to the CBD (from the hemp extract) being dissolved into this blend, there is a limit to how strong CBD e liquids can be with the highest being 10% for it to still taste good with not too harsh a hit at the back of the throat. CBD e liquids are a great option if you are looking to vape CBD lightly throughout the day. They do not require you to get a specific CBD vape pen in the UK, as you can just fill up most traditional vaping devices with the CBD e liquid instead of vape juice. There are also low voltage disposable devices on offer if you aren’t looking for something reusable (but, for the planet, I would strongly discourage against that!). 

If you don’t usually vape, it is less likely you will want to vape something that contains additional solvents (being the PG / VG) as you are probably more aware or concerned with what you are inhaling. Moreover, you may be wanting to vape CBD as it is the most effective way to get CBD into your system. This, perhaps, also means that you are looking for something a bit stronger so that you don’t have to vape all the time and get a stronger hit each time you do. This is why CBD vape oil is so popular. It is the most pure (or healthy) way to vape CBD. A CBD vape oil is just hemp extract and natural terpenes (for flavouring) and nothing else – meaning it is not diluted down by any other liquid and so is far more concentrated and much stronger than a CBD e liquid. So, where a CBD e liquid is 10% tops, a CBD vape oil can be as high as 65%! 

With CBD vape oil being a lot more concentrated, it is a much stickier substance and so more viscous than CBD e liquids. This means you cannot use the same vaping device you would use to vape a CBD e liquid, instead you will need a specific device that is powerful enough to heat up the thicker oil. In the US, this type of device is usually called a marjuana or cannabis vape pen, but we call it a CBD vape pen in the UK given that all our cannabis products are derived from hemp and so CBD.  

CBD vape oil is still fairly new to the UK market with only a few brands selling high strength CBD extract cartridges. There are, however, quite a few CBD oil vape pens for sale. Again, this simply means that these devices have a higher voltage to be able to heat up the CBD vape oil. Some may also have a pre-heat functionality so that the CBD vape oil can be warmed up prior to when you vape for an even better and more smooth vaping experience. 

My go to CBD vape pen in the UK, is the Paso 510 thread vape pen. It is beautifully designed and has the best functionality I have come across at its price point (around £20). They also have their own range of high strength CBD cartridges that are delicious and have a great effect. I always think it is best to go with a brand that makes both pieces of the puzzle as it is more than likely they have designed the vape pen for the best vaping experience with their CBD vape oil cartridges. 

Shout if you have any other suggestions! 

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