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4 Best Ways To Warm Up Your Quinceanera Dress In Winter Season

Quinceanera or Quince, a ritual symbolizing the passage from girlhood to womanhood, is one of the most important days for Latinas. Celebrated with pomp and show after a girl turns 15, the ceremony brings a chance to have fun – this also includes dressing up to the nines.

You got it right! As a birthday girl, you get to doll up in an embellished, princess-style dress to commemorate this important event in your life. From extravagant ruffled gowns to elegant a-line dresses, you have a plethora of options in Quinceanera dresses on sale in 2022 to choose from. 

But what if your Quince falls in winter and you’re afraid to shiver in a little taffeta bolero? Well, there is no need to worry! We have some sneaky ways to help you pull off your Quince dress in winter without making you worry about the frostbite. Check out!

  • Keep Your Arms Warm

Sleeveless or strapless dresses are a common go-to style for Quince girls. No doubt, they look sizzling but can make your arms shiver badly in winter. This is where winter-proof accessories like long gloves come in. 

Pairing long (elbow-length) gloves with your strapless Quinceanera ball gown protects your arms from getting goosebumps. Not to mention – they are always elegant, giving you a royal class look on your special day.

Alternatively, you can also invest in temporary fake sleeves for your sleeveless Quince dress, especially if the church requires your arms to be covered. Nevertheless, once you get all warmed-up dancing at your reception, you can remove them and flaunt the original dress style.

Pro Tip: Whether you opt for long gloves or fake sleeves, just ensure that the pair matches the color and pattern of your Quince gown. 

  • Choose A Faux Fur Accent

There’s something special about faux fur; it can make any look feel cozy and charming at the same time. 

Wear your favorite Quinceanera party dress with a faux fur coat, shawl, or shrug to revamp your style statement to OTT. Of course, you can play with the color of your faux fur accent or choose the ‘ONE’ in a similar color to that of the gown. 

Whatever be your choice, you are sure going to be Belle of the ball. 

  • Wear Shoe Boots

We know that you always wanted to pair your Quince ball dress with statement heels in the first place. But fret not; you can still make it happen even in chilly weather. Wondering how? Ankle boots with heels are your answer!

Ankle embellished shoe boots with size or back zip add a hint of glamour to your overall look while keeping your feet warm. We suggest you wear them with wool socks to prevent frostbite.

  • Put On Tights

Another easiest way to warm up your Quinceanera prom dress bought on sale? Just marry it with a pair of tights. 

You don’t have to pick casual woolen tights or leggings to embrace the warmth. Instead, go for sexy lace tights, fishnet stockings, or fleece-lined tights with beautiful prints for glam vibes.

Ready For A Cozy Quince Celebration?

Turning 15 is a moment of joy, for sure, especially when you have an opportunity to celebrate it with panache. We hope our guide to warm up Quinceanera dresses in winter will help you flaunt a stunning fashion game without stress and hassle.

So, start shopping for the hot trending Quinceanera dress on sale, and get ready to stun all eyes!

Happy Quinceanera!

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