Friday, April 19

Diversity And Inclusion Program: Creating A Culture Of Inclusivity

The simple fact to be accepted is that creating a culture of inclusivity cannot come into greater existence without an organisation driving continuously to raise “consciousness”. The primary target for managing diversity in the workplace is getting individuals to have raised levels of consciousness of themselves, their unconscious patterns, and their impact on others. Once this is established, we have put in place the seeds for inclusivity to begin to grow. 

Diversity and inclusion training will enhance levels of consciousness and cement the idea that growth in this direction is highly desirable for several reasons at an individual, group, and organisational level. Diversity and inclusion programmes straddle the gap between individuals and the fact that we co-exist and can do so more optimally if we also can grow group consciousness. 

Being awake

Conscious individuals are more reflective and aware and will embrace examining unconscious destructive group patterns and dynamics as well as acknowledging their contribution to this. Damaging ways of being in the world become repugnant with the growth of individual consciousness. What builds is a greater insight into the individual potential and mutual dependency on others’ well-being to enhance our own. 

The job of diversity and inclusion consulting is to develop the capacity and will within organisations to establish a culture and climate that truly values the right consciousness in all human endeavours. Until the organisational environment is conducive to stimulating growing consciousness, inclusivity will remain a fragile aspiration. 

Essential to any strategy to create an inclusive culture is the need to leverage the organisation as a moral and ethical entity, that not only treasures internally aligned behaviour, but also advocates for societal consciousness. When the sustained growth of consciousness in all areas of the organisation is accepted as the lifeblood of its inclusivity transformation, new channels of engagement and connection open up as people strive towards greater and greater insights. 

Being alert

Top diversity and inclusion consulting firms will be clear that evolving diversity and inclusion programmes must act as catalysts for and enablers of consciousness throughout the organisation. For this reason, diversity in thought and expression will be encouraged continuously as a real foundation for enriched communication and feedback.  

Unique, authentic, and evolving individuals will influence the structure and functioning of groups with a host of new patterns arising once people feel empowered and free to offer up more of themselves in a safer space. Diversity training companies know that the power and energy of increased consciousness have a compound effect on transformation towards greater diversity and inclusion. It needs to become a self-sustaining desire to adopt unceasing learning and development to reap the inherent rewards of this knowledge and orientation. 

A diversity and inclusion programme relies on the fact that “A mind once stretched, never regains its original dimensions.” Holmes, unknown. 

All changes achieved in an organisation will be a manifestation of this increased consciousness in all quarters and domains of organisational life. Through the processes of creating a culture of inclusivity, we want the organisation to undergo a metamorphosis. Top diversity and inclusion consulting firms will never underplay the serious consistent commitment, application of resources, and effort it will take to achieve the required levels of consciousness to bring about transformation. Everyone needs to be aware that achieving the vision will be incredibly difficult but ultimately extremely satisfying. 

There is a saying “In my beginning is my end.” Eliot, 1943: unknown. This speaks to the heart of inclusivity in terms of consciousness growth. At the outset, we accept that the journey of increasing consciousness never ends or is enough. This idea is thrilling because we grasp the wisdom of consciousness being the gift that keeps giving and fuels the passion for our journey together.