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How To Begin With Medical School Admissions Consulting?

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Applying to a medical school can be a very exhausting exercise. Your personal statement creates an impact. This impact can be positive or negative. It might even get worst if you are writing your personal statement on your own. This is the reason why many students take the medical school counseling route to write a personal statement that can play a significant part in getting you into the school. Most of the students also take help of the medical school application consultants. 

When you are taking this important job into your hands, you must be aware of what should be included and what should be excluded. 

Who are you? This question is very easy to answer. However, if you are a premed student, you know how challenging this question can be. A medical school personal statement is an important part of your medical school application. 

To make things easy for you, we have answered frequently asked questions about personal statements.   

What kind of questions are asked? 

Expect the essay prompt or question posed to be vague. You will have to explain why you want to go to medical school. Depending on how you are responding, it can be a blessing and a curse. You get the freedom to take the story in the direction you want. On the other hand, this might make your overthink it. It can be overwhelming. You can ask these questions if you hire someone for the Medical School Admissions Consulting services.

What is the ideal length of a personal statement? 

The AMCAS Application gives you 5,300 characters maximum. This is about 1.5 pages in 12-point font, single-spaced. You don’t have to use all the available 5,300 characters. More focused personal statements fall short of the available space. You don’t need to add irrelevant material to forcibly lengthen your statement. A more focused personal statement is stronger and impressive. You don’t need to worry about your personal statement when there is a med school consultant to guide you.  

What should be included in the personal statement?  

Keep your goal in mind. You can go creative. Pay serious attention to the question ‘why do you want to get into medicine’. Let’s be more specific, ‘why do you want a DO or MD’. Many students write very generic passages like ‘want to help people’. Though this is a valid reason to apply for a medical school, these words do not present a real explanation on why a doctor only. You have other options as well such as physical therapy or nursing. Plumbers, landscapers, teachers, firefighters, they too help people. 

Who should edit your medical school essay? 

This key question is often overlooked. Your essay has to be highly polished. It should make them take your application seriously. 

  • You can achieve this by getting help from someone who knows you very well. It can be your significant other, parent or a best friend. It is about writing the truth about you. They will help you in representing yourself tactfully.           
  • Find a strict grammarian. Using a comma at the place of a semicolon will not keep you out of the school if it is not leading to some lack of clarity. There should be no sloppiness in your personal statement. So, let a grammarian correct your grammar mistakes. 
  • Find someone who knows what appeals to the admission committee. It can be a medical student or a physician you have shadowed. 

You can get it done by medical school counseling experts.

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