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Connect with Yourself and Your Surroundings Deeper with the Symbolic Buddha Charm Necklaces

Buddhism is not only a religion. It is a way of life and choices. The followers of Buddhism focus on achieving peace, wisdom and patience, which leads to the achievement of Nirvana. The journey to understand the goals of self-fulfilment can be satisfying and overwhelming simultaneously. Still, with serene thoughts and self-reflection, the road becomes more beautiful than the destination itself!


Let’s understand the Buddhists symbols and how you can wear them with mindful respect and purpose.


Buddhism is not rigid and easily co-exists with different faiths. Buddhism is ever-evolving to meet the needs of its followers. The Buddhist symbol depicts various cultures of its followers and signifies the faith of its followers. 


The Bodhi Tree: The Bodhi tree symbolises the tree where Lord Buddha used to sit and attained enlightenment.

The Dharma Wheel: The circle wheel represents the circle of life, which is never-ending, the main aim of Buddha teachings. The rim signifies meditation and concentration. Hub indicates discipline, defining the soul teachings of the ‘wheel turner’ when he first started preaching in Varanasi.

The Lotus Flower: The lotus defines prosperity. Despite growing in shallow waters, it blooms to rise above the darkness and gain enlightenment. 

The Triratna: The Triratna symbolises Buddha, his teachings and the community.

The Buddha Footprint: The footprint reminds us of Buddha and his life on earth. It tells us the path we must follow to attain peace and satisfaction in our lives. 


If you feel inclined towards the teachings of Gautam Buddha, then no one will stop you to dawn on any Buddha related symbol. However, the symbol should resonate with your understanding of the religion, and you should dawn it only out of respect and not the trend. 


Why do you need to connect to the Buddha symbol before buying it?

If you buy something out of greed or need to feel a sense of superiority, you will soon grow out of it as the trend changes. Overindulgence goes against the principle of Buddhism, and when you tend to lean into your wants, you tend to lose yourself and what is Buddhism trying to teach you, which disrespects the Buddhists symbols.

But when you choose to wear something so intricate with dedication and appreciation, the symbolic worth takes a more specific meaning. You learn to value your assets more, and it reminds you to have faith and keep going in life. 

Welcome to the exotic collection of Buddha Charm Necklaces, detailed and designed by Astrid Schumacher. Her unique collection of fashion and jewellery accessories is inspired by Indian and Indonesian culture. The bold, vibrant and symbolic collection of Bohemian-inspired Jewellery speaks of the oldest traditions and cultures of the world. 


The Buddha charm necklace is precisely designed to depict Buddha in a deep meditative yoga state. The 22k gold plated Buddha Pendant on the 18 silver gold chain speaks about the One who is Awake, the truth of reality. The other symbolic pendants, like a lotus that sounds like Ohm, the most sacred mantra of Hinduism, also come in sterling silver 22K gold plated square handmade pendants. 

The beautifully packaged necklace manifests beauty and mental purity when you are in a yogic state or when your mind seeks calmness. 


Visit the site and discover the beautifully designed handmade jewellery pieces, each depicting a significant meaning to life and cultural heritage worldwide. 

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