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An Insight Into The Consumer’s Mind for Jewelry Designers in NYC

As Jewelry designers in NYC ourselves, we’ve been encouraging customers to buy designer jewelry. There are many reasons why we encourage them in this manner. However, some people prefer a particular designer over the other. It’s not just about being a bandwagon; it’s majorly about the psychology of customers and, of course, the intricacy of the designs created by CAD for jewelry design

What makes one choose a particular designer? Here’s a gist of insight into the consumer’s mind. 

In our talks with plenty of our customers who love the jewelry designs we made using cad for jewelry design, here’s what we found out: 

  • Have Great photos: 

This elicited a lot of responses, which was actually rather surprising. People are interested in seeing well-photographed jewelry. From every viewpoint. On the palm of the hand, the back of the neck, the wrist, or the ear. Upgrade your photographs if there’s one part of your jewelry business you’d like to improve this year. This will definitely help you bag new customers. 

  • The Design: 

The design itself must be one-of-a-kind, not overly trendy, and not mass-produced in a factory. People expressed a preference for unique finishes and textures, as well as for handcrafted items. Thinking outside the box. In fact, cad for jewelry design helps build a portfolio of unique designs. 

  • Keep an Original Design: 

Originality was a word that came up repeatedly in the responses.

  • Embrace Quality: 

Quality is another important factor, and hand-fabricated items were frequently highlighted. People desire jewelry that they can invest in with confidence, knowing that it will last a lifetime.

  • Add Personal Touches: 

We’re referring to details on a piece of jewelry that reveals the designer’s identity when you see them. Do you have a specific form or size in mind for your bails? Do you use your trademark texture on all of your pieces? Is your final product true to you, or might it be mistaken for the work of another designer?

  • Designer as a person: 

Although this wasn’t the most popular response, we did see several people respond. People want to communicate with the jewelry designers they buy from and feel a connection with them. They want their aesthetic to match, whether it’s purely stylistic or includes a sustainability component. Customers who value particular characteristics of the designer’s work will be drawn to them. This does, in ways, set apart the designer’s work. 

  • Lifespan & Longevity of the Design: 

Both the jewelry and the designer as a brand have a long lifespan. We want someone who is as enthusiastic about creating the garment as we are about wearing it. People don’t want to wear a brand that is just around for a day or two. In terms of jewelry, the piece must be sturdy and long-lasting in terms of both quality and style.

  • Comfortable to wear: 

Comfort is important, but it’s not the sole feature of this item. People want designers to produce jewelry that blends in with their existing wardrobe. They’ll be able to layer it with other designer pieces and antique jewelry.

These are some of the things that jewelry designers in NYC should take into consideration while using cad for jewelry design to cater to the whim of each of their customers. 


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