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Top 4 Firewood Resolutions That You Should Make In 2022

It’s the end of 2021 – the new year full of happy vibes and fresh hopes is upon us! We bet you have taken pleasure in the best bulk firewood available for sale to celebrate the festivity with a tinge of warmth. Isn’t it? But as we move on to the new year, we ought to make some wood-burning resolutions for 2022 and beyond.

Here are the essential ones –

I Will Use Only Seasoned Wood

Each year, most of us take an oath to protect the environment but do not always fulfill it due to one or another reason. However, if you are pretty serious about it this time, the simplest yet best way is to invest in the seasoned wood. 

Seasoned wood refers to the wood that has been dried for a prolonged period to stamp out moisture content.  Such type of bulk firewood in NSW is better for your bank balance as well as for the environment. Simply because it burns for a long time, producing less smoke and damaging particles to the air.

I Will Buy Logs By Volume, Not By Weight

Generally, firewood suppliers are not allowed to sell wood by weight because wood contains moisture.

Believe it or not, the weight of unseasoned wood is twice that of seasoned wood, with a moisture content of 20%. Thus, to avoid getting misled, you should buy wood by volume instead of weight. 

I Will Clean My Stove Often

Giving your Woodburner a deeper clean once a month is a must. This means removing all the ashes gathered after every fire burn. Doing so keeps your stove efficient for longer and helps you enjoy a smokeless and tidy fire in winter or special occasions. 

I Will Store The Wood Correctly

Putting money in bulk firewood is all a waste if you do not store it correctly. The right place to store it is off the ground or on a metal rack. Besides, you can also choose the best quality firewood box for sale to hoard the logs.

Another important consideration is to choose a sunny location with good airflow. Also, validate that the chosen location isn’t exposed to termites or rats. Otherwise, they may damage the wood, resulting in all loss.

Ready To Step In The New Year With New Resolutions?

One month from now, you will be welcoming the new year with pomp. But, amidst all celebrations, don’t forget to watch out for the way you use firewood. After all, that’ll be having a direct impact on the environment and cleanliness of the surrounding.

Now that you are already passionate about contributing to environmental welfare, stick to the resolutions mentioned above while investing in bulk firewood for sale in 2022. 

Enjoy A New, Healthy Way Of Burning Fire In The New Year!

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