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Breathing Outsoles for Comfortable Footwear

Geox is one of the leading brands of manufacturing athletics comfortable footwear. This brand has made the use of innovative technology for providing the best services to their users. They have shown a technical achievement in the field of footwear. The rubber shoes were introduced in the market half century ago. But with some technical advancement in manufacturing the shoes with rubber has changed the life of millions of users.

Geox shoes manufactured the waterproof footwear which keeps the foot in a better condition. The waterproof material keeps the foot dry and warm in the winters. It also makes the movement comfortable with its unique designing. The soles of the shoes have inscribed the tiny holes. These holes allow the fresh air come in exhausts the warm air out; this moderates the temperature of the feet. Sweating is the normal process and it happens due to increase in body temperature. It also happens due to non-proper perspiration of the air and feet are the most common place to sweat soon.

A continuous presence of moisture in the feet can cause fungal problems in the foot. Fungal problems may leads to many other problems relating to the foot like cracks, bad smelling, redness and tenderness. This problem is considered by the Geox on first point.

Geox shoes are designed carefully for the users of varied professions. A minor detail was taken in to the note that the feet soles are the third highest sweating glands of the body and the down side perspiration is very low. They solved

this problem by making a minor change in the conventional design of the footwear. They created the tiny holes in the rubber outsole of the shoe. Rubber is considered to be the best suited material to provide a comfortable footwear fitting to the shoe. A comfortable wear always remains the basic requirement of any footwear user.

The micro-holes in the outsole are positioned in correspondence to the highest sweating glands in the feet. This protective breathable membrane keeps the feet dry and maintains the moderate temperature of the feet. Geox has made the extensive research in developing the technology. The concept of creating the hole in the sole is patented by Mario Moretti Polegato, founder of GEOX. The idea was generated in his mind while trekking on the Rocky Mountains. His feet began to sweat and he though if this situation could be avoided. Therefore, he created a hole in his sneaker to give some relaxation to his over heated feet. His small creativity has brought revolution in the footwear industry.

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