Friday, May 24

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Why Womens Nike Shoes Stand Out From The Rest

Womens nike shoes are the most popular brand of womens athletic shoes on the market. Whether you love their style, the unique design and cushioning/support systems or just the sheer fact that they are the Nike brand you cannot make a wrong choice when choosing a pair of womens nike shoes. The company takes its name from the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike [pronounced ‘Nigh-Key’ in the US and rhyming with ‘bike’ in the UK]. The first Nike products adorned the swoosh design logo in 1972 when they were delivered to athletes competing in the US Olympic track and field trials. Nike fever took hold with the world’s best selling waffle trainer being introduced in 1974. >From then on Nike’s air technology was designed in 1979 followed by the first basketball court shoe with air cu...