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Why Womens Nike Shoes Stand Out From The Rest

Womens nike shoes are the most popular brand of womens athletic shoes on the market.

Whether you love their style, the unique design and cushioning/support systems or just the sheer fact that they are the Nike brand you cannot make a wrong choice when choosing a pair of womens nike shoes.

The company takes its name from the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike [pronounced ‘Nigh-Key’ in the US and rhyming with ‘bike’ in the UK].

The first Nike products adorned the swoosh design logo in 1972 when they were delivered to athletes competing in the US Olympic track and field trials.

Nike fever took hold with the world’s best selling waffle trainer being introduced in 1974.

>From then on Nike’s air technology was designed in 1979 followed by the first basketball court shoe with air cushioning, Air Force 1 in 1982.

In 1988 the ‘Just Do It Slogan’ was introduced.Air Max which has a larger air cushioning unit was launched in 1987 followed by the cross training footwear in 1989.

The millennium saw the Nike Shox and five years on Nike have just launched the Air Jordan XX and the latest Nike Free Shoe. The latter being designed to provide all the benefits of barefoot training without the pain.

Famous names associated with the Nike brand include Steve Prefontaine [the first athlete to wear Nike shoes], John McEnroe, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Bo Jackson, Tiger Woods, Nelly [the famous rapper] and a whole host of football teams including Brazil, Portugal and England’s Manchester United.

Did you know that Nike even have a Valentine shoe?

Whether you need a pair for running, cross training, golfing, basketball, football or just because you like how they look and feel you are yourself making a statement.

There’s nothing quite like a new pair of Nike’s.

For more information visit the Womens Shoes Guru website.

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