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4 Types Of Workplace Harassments That Call Out For A Lawyer

Workplace harassment refers to making the victim feel unsafe and uncomfortable by using verbal statements or physical actions. There are many names given to this term, like, mobbing, workplace aggression, workplace bullying, etc. Well, this all can come to an end if you choose the best solution. Hiring a workplace harassment lawyer is the one-stop solution to all this. Here are four different types of harassment where a lawyer can come up for help.

Verbal Harassment

All those who suffer from verbal harassment, go through the battle of destruction that involves threats to the victim’s health and career. It includes offensive gestures, criticisms, and demeaning slurs. A workplace harassment lawyer can be a real help in such cases. The fact that this particular type of harassment has no violence also states that there might be comments like body shaming, taunts, hurtful jokes, etc. These are the proves that night be challenging to present and recognize. Hiring a lawyer will help you understand when and how can you prove yourself right.

Psychological Harassment

Psychological harassment revolves around verbal harassment. Through it holds proofs and tactics which can be showcased in front of the lawyer and other authority members. Victims suffering from such harassment are likely to face mental breakdown, low self-esteem, and much more. Psychological harassment includes demanding imposing deadlines, forcing someone to work other than the official hours, taking credits for other’s achievements, etc. The better term for this type of harassment would be deliberate psychological bullying. In case you are facing the same, wait no longer and connect with a workplace harassment lawyer.


This is the newest form of harassment seen at the workplace. Though cyberbullying happens online it is also categorized under physical bullying. Now that we have embraced the new normal where work from home has become quite common amongst professionals, the cases of cyberbullying have come to a visible rise. Digital harassment or cyberbullying refers to posting demeaning comments, threats, creating fake accounts, making false allegations online, etc. Usage of social media can not be stopped but an action against cyberbullying is necessary. Hiring a workplace harassment lawyer can help you fight and win the battle against these culprits.

Physical Harassment

There are many forms and degrees of physical harassment possible at the workplace. It can be anything ranging from touching clothes, skin, saying threatful statements, damaging property, physical assaults, etc. Physical harassment is mostly faced by people belonging to the lower class or minorities. Even the LGBTQIA community faces a lot of physical harassment every single day. They are being commented about their dressing sense, their day-to-day activities. The culprits tend to harass the victims in the form of jokes. To be honest, these jokes are even more painful than actual physical harm. Such cases make it difficult for the victims to stand up against the wrongs. But only with the help of an expert professional they can fight for their rights and get rid of such harassment.


In case you or your loved ones are facing any of this workplace harassment, it’s time to speak up. Look for an experienced workplace harassment lawyer near me and stand by yourself!

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