Monday, June 24

9 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Prom Dresses!

Prom night is one of the biggest events of high school and many teens look forward to it yearly. For plus size girls, an evening like prom can be especially nerve wracking due to their body types. Not to fret though, because with the right dress, plus size prom dresses can look beautiful and make the night that much more special. A big key in finding the perfect plus size prom dress is understanding that there are styles made specifically to look beautiful on fuller figures. The goal is not to hide certain curves, but to show off the best of them.

Tips for choosing perfect dress:

There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect dress for your prom night. But for people with a fuller figure, shopping for the right plus size prom dress can be a daunting task. To help you pick out a dress that is both stylish and flattering, here are 9 tips for choosing plus size prom dresses.

1. Know Your Body Shape:

Before you start looking for a dress, it’s important to know your body shape. Take a look at your figure and understand your body type so that you can find a dress that will enhance your best features.

2. Accentuate Your Assets:

Once you understand which features you like about yourself, focus on those features by accentuating them with details in your plus size prom dresses. For instance, if you love your shoulders, choose a dress with cap sleeves or an open neckline that will make them stand out.

3. Try Something New:

Shopping for prom dresses can be overwhelming, so take a chance and try something new. The best part about trying something out of the ordinary is that it could just make your night even more memorable.

4. Focus on the Fit:

When shopping for plus size prom dresses, it’s important to focus on the fit of the dress. Make sure the dress fits you well in the waist, shoulders and bust. You should also make sure that the dress isn’t too long or too short.

5. Avoid Skin Tight Dresses:

Skin tight dresses may be fashionable, but they are not very flattering on plus size figures. Instead, opt for a dress that skims your physique. A fit-and-flare silhouette can be especially flattering on fuller figures.

6. Choose the Right Neckline and Sleeves:

Choosing the right neckline and sleeves for your prom dress is an important part of finding a flattering fit. With plus size figures, it’s best to stay away from high necklines and cap sleeves as they tend to make the figure look even fuller. Instead, choose a low scoop neckline or an off-the-shoulder dress.

7. Show off Your Shape:

Showing off your shape is key when shopping for a plus size prom dress. Opt for a dress with waistbands or fabrics that hug your curves, but still don’t show too much skin.

8. Don’t Forget Accessories:

Accessorizing your dress can make all the difference. Choose accessories that pull together your look and make you feel confident.

9. Take Your Time and Have Fun:

Shopping for your plus size prom & dance dresses doesn’t have to be stressful. Take your time and have fun when choosing your look. Don’t forget to take a few friends along to get their opinions as well.

Finding the perfect plus size prom dress doesn’t have to be daunting. With these simple tips, you’ll find a dress that is both stylish and flattering.