Friday, April 19

How to Handle Chronic Diseases at Workplace

The days of impersonal connections between employers and employees are long gone. Modern businesses are putting more money into their most valuable asset: their personnel. These businesses understand that a happy and healthy workforce implies a productive and efficient one. That is why the prevalence of chronic diseases should worry employers all around the country. Therefore, it is much better to head to urgent care near me in such a case. Primary care laurel MD is the right place to head to. 

A Little About Chronic Disease in the USA 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 60 percent of adults in the United States have at least one chronic disease, with 40 percent having two or more. Chronic disease patients accounted for nearly 86 percent of our $2.7 trillion in healthcare spending in 2014. These disorders not only put a strain on our healthcare system, but they also have an economic impact: The cost of lost productivity owing to the top seven chronic diseases totaled $3.7 trillion in 2016. Head to laurel primary care today. 

Employers Can Assist

Because your employees spend so much of their day (or night) at work, companies can play an important role in assisting them in preventing or managing chronic illnesses. Furthermore, multiple studies have demonstrated that workplace health promotion programs can improve employee health, productivity, and healthcare expenses. It’s a method that works for everyone.

Because the financial and healthcare costs of developing a chronic ailment are so substantial, the best course of action is to try to prevent these conditions from occurring in the first place. Many of these prevention techniques, fortunately, can also help folks who are currently attempting to manage their chronic illness(es). 

Promotion of Health in the Workplace

Health promotion in the workplace can take several forms, including education, programs, diet, and nutrition. As an employer, you can personalize the programs you implement to meet the needs of your employees, and these activities can often be combined to create a comprehensive approach to chronic illness prevention and management with the help of primary laurel care. 

A variety of programs are listed below that you can use to keep your employees healthy and productive.

Initiatives in education

  • Fitness and healthy lifestyle education
  • Newsletters
  • Information on the intranet of the company
  • In the break rooms, posters
  • Information about avoiding injuries
  • Workshops to demonstrate proper ergonomics in the workplace


  • Health tests and evaluations
  • Fitness activities in the workplace
  • Gym memberships at a discount
  • An on-site gym is available.
  • Walking meetings are being used to replace sitting meetings.
  • Fitness challenges for the entire company
  • Stepping Stones
  • Competition for standing desks
  • Weight-loss competition
  • Providing fitness breaks for employees while they are at work
  • Programs to help people quit smoking

Nutrition and diet

  • Putting a premium on good nutrition
  • In break rooms and/or cafeterias, provide nutritious snacks or meals.
  • collaborating with vending machine firms that sell nutritious snacks
  • Ensure that any catered meals include healthy choices like lean protein, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables.