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The Different Waves Of Coffee: Everything You Need To Know

While the whole world is talking about the waves of COVID-19, the coffee enthusiasts are laid back and making whoopee by learning ‘THE DIFFERENT WAVES OF COFFEE’. After all, coffee has saved the interest of millions of its fanatics in the lockdown phase.

That’s right: Coffee has always been the first love for some people. From waking up in the morning to ending up the day at night, a cup of coffee can do wonders for them. Probably this is why the coffee shops in Las Vegas are passionate about dealing with an ample assortment of coffee.

Do you know what makes each variety of coffee unique? Of course, the quality of beans, source of origin, roasting profiles, and a handful of other elements. All these have a lot to do with different waves of coffee. Let’s dive into them one by one!

First Wave Of Coffee (1880)

The first wave of coffee, or, say, the beginning phase was obviously the special, but it didn’t cover top-notch coffee. The brands, by then, were not eager to offer quality and transparency to their customers. 

The raw and green form of coffee during the first phase has never let the coffee lovers have a ball. In fact, you will hardly find any information related to its origin and processing method. Moreover, the fact that it tastes bitter and is artificially flavored makes people turndown for it.

Second Wave Of Coffee (1990)

The second wave of coffee had sprung up with the entry of some big brands like Starbucks and Brick & Mortar Stores. They brought life to the cafe culture by focusing on quality and variety.

As they began emphasizing the origin stories, coffee junkies felt more enlightened in the 1990s. However, their efforts to stamp out the first wave of coffee’s bitterness, uniformity, and low quality were rarely found.

Third Wave Of Coffee (2000)

The third wave of coffee is referred to as trailblazing. Spot on; coffee in Las Vegas and the whole United States from the third wave is characterized by high standards of extractions, lighter roasts, and innovative brewing methods. Our very favourite ‘LATTE ART’ blossomed in the third wave.

The third wave segment of the coffee shops in Las Vegas is known for their ‘specialty coffee’. And why not? They are keen on offering the elements of freshness, aroma, and specific flavors, including sweet honey, rose aromatics, and more.

Fourth Wave Of Coffee?

The coffee industry keeps on making headway and unfolding new experiences for coffee lovers. The next wave of coffee expects to spell out sustainability and environmental awareness in the form of an organic assortment of coffee. 

Some of the best coffee roasters in Las Vegas have already turned up their heads by presenting freshly sourced coffee to their customers. 

This is not just it. The future of the coffee market also holds some significant technological advancements to let coffee enthusiasts relish the easy and delicious coffee o-clock.

Closing Words

Coffee is not merely an edible item but an emotion to millions of people out there. Right from the first to the third wave, coffee shops in Las Vegas and the entire USA have kept on endeavouring to promote the joy of brewing among enthusiasts. While we all are waiting for the green yet flavorsome future of coffee, let’s not forget to get a buzz out of the present wave. 


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