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Everything You Need To Know About Air Factory E-Liquids (Vape Juices)

Strength, flavour and versatility are the three major characteristics for Air Factory e-liquids. In this article we will tell you everything that you m,ust know about the e-liquids from Air Factory.

E-liquid, also known as e-juice, is a liquid that is inserted in a vape pen. The substance gives vapours of the mentioned flavour and nicotine when one uses vape. Most vapers use nicotine e-liquids which is why the nicotine vapors come hand in hand with the chosen flavour.

Talking about the use of vape p-en, its battery provides energy to heat up the e-liquid which then forms smoother vapor when inhaled. Versatility of flavours and taste is what you get when you use e-liquid in a vape. The choice of having nicotine or non nicotine vape depends on the inhaler. While buying a vape and an e-liquid for yourself, you will see different stores selling colorful pods, cartridges and bottles filled with vape juice or e-liquids. This juice is heated in the e-cigarettes and vape rings to create an aerosol that the users inhale. Air factory vape juices come in different flavours like bubblegum, mint, candy and many more. 

What is Vape Juice?

Flavor is one of the major ingredients of vape juices. Other than that they have nicotine, additives and chemicals etc. Even the heating copil in the vape tends to release its own chemicals while it gets heated up and forms inhalable aerosol. Air factory ejuice follows production standards and makes sure the blinds of flavors are less consistent. No toxic elements are found in the vape juices by Air Factoryand this is why it is loved by every avpe user.

Is Air Factory Vape Juice Safe?

Many additives found in e liquids are dangerous and deadly. Hence it becomes difficult to distinguish between the safe and unsafe vape juices. But when it comes to Air factory e-liquids, they guarantee safety along with flavour.

Of course inhaling vape juice is not completely safe. There are some harmful effects but only when it is inhaled excessively. Anything that is done more than the needed quantity is harmful. So one cannot blame vape juices but the quantity in which it is inhaled.

The major concern occurs when vape juices are combined with other ingredients and heat. This is when it creates compounds that are harmful for humans. Inhaling such e-juices can affect not just lungs but the whole body. Hene you need to be completely sure before you buy an e-liquid. It is better to go for a renowned name like Air Factory that has worldwide popularity than settling for a newly emerged brand.

Effect of E-liquids

For all those who are looking forward to quitting smoking, vaping and e-cigarettes have come up as really helpful mediums. Not just the vapers but the flavors have helped chain smokers to  jkuck their habiot of smoking like never before. By using flavored vape products like Air Factory’s salt NIC is one such product that has made people quit smoking along with a goal of competing cessation from all tobacco products.

Final Words

Air factory e-liquids are not just appealing but helpful too. They neither uplift the addictive nature of nicotine in humans nor keep you away from inhaling good flavors. It is the perfect solution for young teens who like the idea of inhaling and exhaling flavors but do not want to cause damage to their body.

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