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Quick (DIY tips) To Fix a Leaking Tap

That drip-drip sound in your kitchen or bathroom may sound annoying to you. However, it doesn’t matter where the faucet is leaking, or a tap spindle needs to be replaced; all such pesky problems, the waste of water, and the annoying noise will require an urgent fix. Not only this, a full blown problem that requires enough knowledge and expertise to how to fix a leaking tap is something that an expert plumber should perform. This will ultimately save money, time, and stress that one may experience by doing it independently. 

Before we get started with some of the quick tips, it is important to know what tools one requires to fix a tap in general. 

  • A WD 40 spray 
  • Adjustṣable wrench 
  • Screwdriver 
  • O rings and washers for replacement

Turn Off the Main Water Supply

The foremost thing to get started with is turning off the water supply. Water can fill up your kitchen or bathroom in a very short period. So first, make sure all the water has drained from the system completely. Once done, turn off the taps, and you are all set to begin the repair. 

Protect the Plug Hole 

Another thing to ensure while replacing the spindle or fixing a tap leakage is to cover the plughole with a piece of material. This simple step is often overlooked by many of us. However, it only leads to a massive aggravation like the parts/ screws may lose down the drain. So, instead, save your time and shield it with something. 

Just relax

Take your time to separate the tap; be patient with it. Keep in mind to place the dismantled parts in a manner on a side so that you don’t forget how all that goes back together again. 

Detach the Decorative Pieces 

The very next thing to follow is to remove any decorative element if there is any around the faucet. You can use a screwdriver to remove any part easily. Below the knob, there is a specific screw that places the handle to the origin of the tap. Just unscrew that gently and remove it.   

Locate the Main screw 

Another aspect that most of us miss is to find that major screw that holds the tap together. Plumbers call it a tap spindle as it needs to be removed to make necessary repairs. The screw is primarily found below the decorative cold and hot taps, so take a look. 

Replace the Washers 

Now comes the time to begin with washers. In general, they are a troubling cause of your leaking tap. However, they are easy to fix. Even most Australian households face a leaking tap issue when they need to replace the washers. 

There are three things to be aware of when doing the same. First of all, you need to have a body washer, o-ring, and a jumper valve. Then, remove the washer with a spanner to unscrew the bonnet of the tap and detach the headgear to locate the washer. With this, it is also actually important to get the washer in a suitable size. In case you have any doubts about this, you can always seek professional help. Yes, we meant calling a licensed plumber near you. 

Replace the Disk 

Once you are done with removing the tap, you need to focus on the valve now. First, seize the valve with your adjustable spanner to remove and keep turning it unless it is loose enough. Further, insert the cartridge that needs to be replaced and tighten it well before putting the tap back together.

Replace the O-ring 

If you are not quite familiar with O-rings, then let us tell you that they are the big washers. They can be normally located right at the bottom of your tap spout. Unfortunately, the O-rings are more prone to weaken, which makes them less functional at their job. So that there is no dripping in between, replace the O-ring as soon as you can. 

To perform the same, unscrew the spout of the tap while lifting it carefully. Just make sure that you see the O-rings; loosen them with a screwdriver, and slide them off. Now, just put the new O-rings in their place and then reconnect the spout. 

Do You Still Find Your Faucet Leaking?

That makes you wonder how to fix a leaking tap? If yes, then you need to call a professional. After all the possible attempts, it is now the time to call the experts. If any DIY repair step is going out of your sight, certainly, feel free to contact a skilled plumber near you specialising in fixing leaking taps. However, bear in mind that a leaking faucet is never a minor thing. Ignoring the signs can lead to major damages and can waste up to 30 gallons of water. 


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