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How to Pair Your Nude Eyeshadow Palette With Your Mood and the Occasion?

Ask a woman about her favourite hues, and she will hand you her favourite eyeshadow palette. Eye makeup has seen wide growth in the past years, and with several cosmetics coming into line, it’s a difficult option to choose from one.

Women tend to have more variation around their eyes, and with the help of the right colour palette, they prefer to even it out and even match it with their favourite outfit to appear more attractive. Eye makeup can also enhance the look of your eyes, making them appear larger. 

But many people do not prefer a colour tone that specifically highlights their eyes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot embrace your favourite eyeshadows. The best nude eyeshadow palette can give you a natural look and even out the skin tone around your eyes. So let’s understand the best ways to blend the eyeshadow evenly with your skin tone. 

About the Powder Eyeshadow:

The powder eyeshadow is easy to blend and a makeup friendly tool. It is available as pressed powder and loose powder and can be easily spread evenly with your fingertips.

Application of the nude eye shadow for a basic no-makeup look:

  1. Smoothen the texture of your eyelids by applying the primer before reaching for the palette. The primer helps to even out the colour of the eyes.
  2. Choose your favourite nude matte eyeshadow palette and smoothen it around the brush, dusting off the excess powder. 
  3. Begin from the centre of the eyelid and slowly move the brush towards the eyes’ inner and outer corners. Make sure you start with the lighter shade in the middle and go intense towards the crease corners. 
  4. Do not forget to highlight the eyebrow bone since it can highlight more definitions. 
  5. Your kohl and eyeliner will perfectly complete the look of your eyes. 

Application of nude eyeshadow for colourful eye look!

Sounds unimaginable, but with ride shades of nude colour, you can get a well defined nude eyeshadow look with the colourful eyeshadow that can complement your look and style. 

  1. Apply the primer and prepare your eyes by evening the discolouration. 
  2. Then choose your nude eye shade that can neutralize the colour of your eyelids. It will also highlight the colourful eyeshadow vibrantly.
  3. Use a fluffy brush to blend your favourite eyeshadow shade over your nude eyeshadow. Then, apply the shadow to the lower lash to add a pop colour to highlight the added pop of colour. 
  4. Choose a waterproof eyeliner to coordinate the colourful eye impact. 
  5. Use black mascara to add drama to your lashes and intensify the colourful nude eyeshadow look to finish the look.

Until your look compliments your personality, you can choose to play around with colours and try newer shades by mixing and matching different hues according to your mood and the occasion, provided you don’t have someone eagerly waiting for you outside. 

Until then, happy experimenting!

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