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Super Bowl Snacks Your Teeth Will Love

On Sunday you can enjoy the Super Bowl. It can include a lot of snacks. At the time of eating these snacks you can watch TV and cheer for the Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos.

You may be aware of that for your teeth it is not good to eat sugary foods. However, replacing these foods with the foods that are good for oral health is very difficult.

Now I am going to tell you about Super Bowl Snacks your teeth will love.

Seasoned Popcorn –

There are a lot of reasons because of which we can consider this snack as a great one. Transporting it is very easy and it contains very less calories. You can sprinkle those spices on it that are your favorite. Then you can put some parmesan cheese and olive in it and toss it well. After that, put it in a microwave for the purpose of melting. With popcorn you can enjoy several other foods. But don’t take acidic or sugary foods because these are not good for your oral health.

Cheese Plate –

A lot of people love cheese. But it contains a lot of fat and so the people usually avoid it. You will be happy to know that the anticavity properties are present in cheese and this report has been given by General Dentistry. The pH level is high in cheese. Thus, the foods that contain so much acid will not damage your teeth if you will eat cheese with these.

Generally low acid is present in dairy products. But cheese is considered very good because you have to chew it and a lot of saliva will get produced after chewing it. Eating cheese is good for your oral health because its compounds stick to the enamel and protect it. If you think that because of the high amount of fat this food is unhealthy then go for cheese that contains low fat.

Veggie Platter –

If on Sunday you want to enjoy the Super Bowl then a great snack for you are the vegetable platters. You can make these very easily. For the purpose of cleaning your teeth you can get a lot of help from vegetables because these are sugar-free, chewy and diet-friendly. You have to chew the vegetables because these contain a lot of fibers. So, a lot of saliva will be produced in your mouth after chewing these and it will rinse your mouth.

Along with this you can use those dips and flavors that are your favorite. A good choice for your healthy diet that contains less acid and less sugar is hummus. You can make sour cream by using yogurt and this will be a traditional dip. For your oral health, it is very good.

Artichoke and Spinach Dip –

Cheese is included in artichoke and spinach dip and this is very good for your oral health. A lot of soluble fibers are present in artichoke. As a result, it can absorb so much calcium. On the other hand, spinach is also good for your teeth. For keeping your enamel healthy and strong, a lot of calcium is present in spinach.

Fruit Salad –

Apples are very good for your teeth and gums. In your mouth a lot of saliva will get produced by eating apples. These also help in stimulating the gums. The saliva will help in cleaning the surface of your teeth and thus will prevent the building up of cavities. A lot of minerals and vitamins are present in apples. So much vitamin C is present in citrus fruits such as kiwi. Your gums will keep the collagen because of vitamin C. For quick healing and preventing gum infections vitamin C helps a lot. It is possible to prevent periodontal diseases by making your gums strong if you will eat vitamin C.


After eating any food item, it becomes necessary for you to brush and floss every day at least two times. You have to do the same after eating Super Bowl Snacks also. In this way you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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