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5 Best Educational Apps for Toddlers 2021

Making the path safe and easy of the early stage learning our children is very important. Because based on today’s knowledge, their future life will be built up. So as a parent, if you are looking for an easy way to teach your child essential preschool lessons, this post might be helpful for you. Here, we have listed the 5 best educational apps for toddlers. These apps are designed and developed carefully in order to make sure that they are great in quality and safe in terms of safety.

So, let’s check the list without waiting anymore …

EarlyBird – Virtual Learning Children’s Academy™

Let’s start with EarlyBird — the latest virtual learning app for children ages 2-8 years. With cutting-edge modern classroom technology and promising features, such as artificial Intelligence (like Amazon Alexa, but as a Tutor). As well as, Augmented Reality (like Snapchat for taking classes), Video Tutoring (like Zoom in case if your child needs extra help), Video Games (like Candy Crush but with an educational twist), and cool Prizes, EarlyBird is the most insane kids early-stage learning app out there.

In reality, the app is super fun, helps teaching your kids preschool lessons including alphabets, colors, numbers, shapes, feelings, counting, and much more. If you are looking for a great Preschool and Pre-K virtual learning app for the early-stage development of your young toddlers, EarlyBird might be the right choice to start with. Great for children, parents, teachers, and tutors alike. So, download now, get free 2 Free Levels & 20 Free Minutes the AI & AR Shop!

Download for EarlyBird for Android; IOS Version coming soon  

Papumba – Games for Toddlers 

Now it comes to the Papumba, designed and developed by early education experts especially for toddlers ages 2-7 years. This app could be an ideal way in keeping your child learning and entertained for hours. It’s totally safe for children, nothing to worry about! The app features hundreds of funny games and activities, so your child can play, explore, and learn about animals, the alphabet, numbers, music, drawing, and much more. Mainly Papumba is a subscription-based app yet you can try it free for 3 days. A fantastic educational app for toddlers undoubtedly.

Download Papamba for Android or IOS

Baby Games for Toddlers 

Another cool free gaming app for toddlers that provides great learning and entertainment experience for toddlers, both baby boys, and girls. Just give it to them and watch them spending time with 15 ads-free games in it. By the time they will start learning many things like flexing and improving their motor skills, recognizing colors and shapes, and more. The learning experience is planned with care and tested by toddler development experts in order to make it safe and suitable for babies under 5. if you are looking for a simple and free option, you shouldn’t ignore this one.

Download for Android


ABCmouse — one of the most popular educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers as well. The app is not free, it’s subscription-based too. But, as a great and powerful early-stage learning tool for kids, it’s certainly a nice one. There are many lessons to choose from for kids’ learning like reading, coloring, math, counting, and music skills. As well as, ABCmouse allows users to add their child’s age in the settings to get a customized experience. It’s so easy to switch between users, as a result,  all your kids can get in on the learning action. The content in the app gets more difficult as your child progresses, it has lots of fun rewards too that your kids will love for sure.

Download for Android or IOS

PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids is a well-known fun learning app that’s been a staple in child entertainment for decades now. With the free PBS Kids Games app, your kids can play popular games like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Cat in the Hat, and more. The app is most suitable for kids as young as two years old to 8 years, completely safe, makes preschool and early elementary education fun and easy. As well as, it also helps children with developing their social concepts like kindness, mindfulness, and emotions t. As a free option, PBS Kids Games is definitely a nice pick.

Download for Android or IOS

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